Wireless VR is here. Welcome to the revolution.

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Free your VR headset from its wires.

Imperceptible latencyOur device shows imperceptible latency for modern VR headsets and that means you can play any game without annoying wires.
Easy to SetupPlug the device into the back of your VR headset and you are done.
100% compatibilityCompatible with all modern VR headsets: Oculus, HTC Vive, etc.

Rivvr gives you an awesome, wireless VR experience

device regular 2
Runs up to 6 hours
on a single charge
Tiny computer with WiFi, USB and Rivvr client
Please note: What you are looking at is the real thing, not a simulation. These are real people using wireless VR
Watch demo video

How it works

1. Attach Rivvr Plug the USB, HDMI and battery cable on your VR headset into Rivvr.
2. Set up your computer Make sure your computer is using the same WiFi network as Rivvr. Then start the game on your computer.
3. Start The signal from your computer will go to Rivvr via WiFi. Put on your headset and start playing.
section 4 Designed to fit perfectly
Lightweight and easy to mount